The Carpet of the Tomb of Shah Abbas II

In Iran, carpet weaving is a combination of art and industry and has a long history. As the name of Iran is associated with the…
17 February 2020

Museum’s Oldest Coin Minted in 699AD

Number 5/94 Coin: Drachm Material: Silver Size: 2.7 cm Weight: 2.740 g Period: Umayyad Caliphs Place of mintage: Damascus Minted by: Caliph Abdul Malik Umayi…
6 February 2020

The Large Doublet Door

        The large doublet door is one of the most beautiful artifacts in the Museum of Lady Fatima Masuma (pbuh) which is enclosed in a…
19 January 2020

Copper Cresset with Inlaid Decorations, Jeweled Ornaments, and Gold Plating

In 1826 AD, Fath Ali Shah Qajar donated endowments included an exquisite Qur’an and a beautiful cresset to the holy shrine of lady Fatima Masuma…
11 December 2019

Old Pottery of Sialk hill

Painted ecru pottery from the Sialk hill of Kashan belonging to the early millennium (B.C.). Brown motifs with triangular rhombic and large and small plaid…
25 November 2019

Introduction to museum of holy shrine

The museum of the holy shrine of Qum is one of the rare treasures of this Land. Prior to the establishment of the museum the…
12 November 2019

Golden Foam Cocktail Tile (eight feathers)

One of the best types of tile, is the Golden Foam Cocktail tile, with a history in architectural decoration which goes back to the early…
7 November 2019

Holy Shrine museum pictures

27 December 2018