One of the best types of tile, is the Golden Foam Cocktail tile, with a history in architectural decoration which goes back to the early Islamic centuries. One of the most common and popular technique in tile decoration is  the golden glaze, which Abolqasem Ferdowsi calls the two fires. This technique was first used in Egypt in the second century AH to decorate glass. The process is as follows: after applying white glaze on the tile body and baking it, the tile is painted with pigments containing copper, silver and other metals and heated again in the furnace with the final product is an enamel object, brilliant and metallic. Producing the golden tile began in the late Seljuk period and peaked in  elegance and beauty during the Ilkhanid era.  The cities of Kashan, Jorjan, Ray and Saveh have been.centers of making pottery and gold tile. Now, there are dozens of these beautiful golden foam cocktail tiles in the shrine of Lady Masuma peace be upon her,  some of them can be found in major museums around the world such as the Louvre in France.  Every year a large number of researchers from all over the world come to the museum to research these beautiful works of art