The South Korean Ambassador, in the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masuma

During his trip to the holy city of Qom, the ambassador of South Korea, Yun Kang Hyeun, paid a visit to the Holy Shrine of…
15 July 2023

Fatemi Qadir

“For whomsoever I am his master (maula), Ali will be his master” After the delivery of this message by the Prophet, Allah’s religion was completed……
8 July 2023

Imam Khamenei’s 2023 Hajj Message

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon the GreatMessenger…
28 June 2023

The Presence of Brunei’s Foreign Minister and Ambassador in the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masuma

Brunei’s foreign minister, Dato Erywan Yusof, and his accompanying delegation, including Avang Haji Ismail Abdul Manap, Brunei’s ambassador in Iran, visited the holy shrine of…
11 June 2023

We are not the only ones

The beginning of Islamic month of Zilqada marks the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima Masooma (as). Lady Fatima Masuma (as), most commonly known as Masooma…
30 May 2023


22 May 2023

Eight chapters from the life of the Lady Fatima Masuma s.a

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4 May 2023

Birth Clips of Lady Fatima Masuma

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1 May 2023