In 1826 AD, Fath Ali Shah Qajar donated endowments included an exquisite Qur’an and a beautiful cresset to the holy shrine of lady Fatima Masuma (PBUH). The cresset is formed of five separate pieces that are fastened together from the inside. The weight of copper cresset with its inlaid decorations, jeweled ornaments and gold plating is 3687g. Furthermore, its height is about 38.5 cm and the diameter of the mouth and its base is 12 cm. The cost of making it has been mentioned on the fourth page of deed of endowment of the Qur’an, that is fourteen Tomans. The number of precious stones worked in this cresset is 2052 pieces of stone as follows: 

235 pieces of small and large diamonds 49 pieces of small and large rubies