The large doublet door is one of the most beautiful artifacts in the Museum of Lady Fatima Masuma (pbuh) which is enclosed in a glass enclosure. The overall cover of this beautiful door is gold and silver with floral and ornamental decoration with dragon arabesque traceries. Its dimensions are about 323 x 206 cm. Fath Ali Shah of Qajar endowed this costly work. This beautiful door was made in 1806 AD by the order of the second King of Qajar and was fixed on a gold porch that was moved to the museum in 1971 AD. There are beautiful poems written in Nastaliq script on this beautiful door by a Nastaliq calligrapher, Muhammad Mehdi Tehrani (Kateb al-Hudra al-Soltani). Also Abu Talib Husseini wrote the inscription of the entrée in the Ruqa script.

 The ornament of doublet`s and each doublet with 22 armlet inscriptions is on the fringe and contains poems from Qajar era poets. The bergamots traceries contain names of Allah filling up the spaces between the inscriptions. The overall decoration of each doublet`s consists of a rectangle in the middle, two squares in the upper and lower parts. The middle section is also adorned with bergamot and entrée sentences. The ridge with the glory names is among the various bergamots. The inscriptions and bergamots are also decorated with enamel, green and blue arabesque traceries.