The city of Qom is adorned with a gem by the name of Lady Fatima Masuma (peace be upon her). She is one of the daughters of the 7th Imam and the biological sister of the 8th Imam of the Shi’ites who is buried in the city of Mashhad. She was born in the city of Madina in 173 AH (790 CE).

From the 1st century AH, Shi’aism was prevalent in Qom and it was considered a refuge for the Sh’ites by the Shi’ite Imams. It was host to a large number of the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them), including the Ash’ari clan.

When news of the arrival of Lady Fatima Masuma in Saveh reached the people of Qom, the Ash’ari clan decided to visit and request her to come to Qom. Among those who left Qom to see her was Musa b. Khazraj, one of the companions of Imam Reda (peace be upon him) and the chief of the Ash’arites of Qom. He took the reins of her mount and led it towards the city of Qom and to his personal home. A large number of people both mounted and on foot, accompanied her until they reached Qom. Lady Masuma illuminated the city of Qom with her blessed arrival on Sunday, 23rd of Rabi ul Awwal, 201 AH. The house of Musa b. Khazraj, where she stayed during her time in Qom is located in the Meidan e Mir quarter and is known as Beytun Nur (the house of light). Lady Fatima Masuma (peace be upon her) spent 17 days and nights there in prayer and worship. Nowadays her place of worship is a beloved place where visitors offer their respects.

Lady Masuma’s migration to Iran is very important in the history of this country and particularly Qom and has brought many blessings to this country. It is due to this that people felt the need to name the anniversary of her arrival in Qom in a way that would remind of her status and the Holy City of Qom. Therefore, the date of her arrival was nationally registered as Qom Day in 2019.

Translator: Rashed