In Iran, Bazaars have a long history and a strong notion.
Bazaars were composed of several parts, for example, Carvansara, Teemche, Stores, Saraa, …
Qom’s Bazaar is a magnificent urban structure that has survived from the Safavid era. This bazaar is considered one of the valuable architectural works of Islamic era of Iran.The sponsor of the complex was the late Haj Sayyid Mahmood Tabataba’i, great merchant of Qum, and father of the late Haj Husain Tabatabai Qummi. The Timcheh has a total of 20 lower floor stores and 12 upper floor stores.
Bazaars have been a useful segment for government and people.
The architecture of Bazaars depended on their climate.
Qom’s Teemche is a eye-catching building in Bazaar.
This commercial structure is a special dome building. It has a vaulted ceiling in the middle and 2 half domes.
Teemche was built for expensive goods and merchandise like silk handmade carpet.
Width and height of teemche are 15*15 that has made an eye-catching view and is considered as a masterpiece of Master hasn.
Master Hasan was the architect of Teemche.
Decoration and architecture of this building is among the unique ones.