Fatima Masuma the Mary of the progeny of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

One of the distinctions of Fatima Masuma is that she has been considered as Mary of the progeny of Muhammad and in Islamic tradition  she has been compared  to her .

according to Islamic texts Mary the daughter of Imran  and the mother of Jesus (PBUT) was the superior lady of her age women  and she is the only lady whose name has mentioned  in Quran and indeed there is a chapter in it about her life and her virtues, for instance before her birth she was dedicated to serve in Jerusalem.  sometimes when she was prying fruits and foods were reviled to her from heaven. when she reached the age of maturity she became pregnant  by seeing an  angel and then she gave birth to Jesus and  Jesus spoke while he was only three days old he said I am the servant of God  he gave me the book and  made me a prophet. Then Mary was one of the  four superior ladies of the world  and Fatima Masuma has been compared to her as one the superior lady of the world.