The great lady of Islam passed away  at the age of 65, supporting the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)  for 25 years. Her death was a great loss and happened three days after the death of Abu Talib, the great and affectionate supporter of the Prophet (PBUH). The two deaths made the Prophet (PBUH) so sorrowful that he named that year, the “year of grief”‌. The grieving and crying, Prophet (PBUH) buried the dead body of Khadija in a place known as Hujun.

The merits of the great lady of Islam, Hadrat Khadija (S.A):

Deep Insight

She was a person of deep insight and deliberation. Her practical sagacity was perfect. This can be understood from selecting the Prophet (PBUH) as her husband from amongst various wealthy businessmen.

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) could see the bright future in the face of the Prophet (PBUH). According to her quote, the reason behind marriage with Mohammad (PBUH) before his prophetic mission, was her deep interest in Mohammad: “O my cousin, due to our kinship, your dignity, and my trust in your tribe, and your good virtue and truthfulness, I decided to marry you.”‌

The above remark shows well that the affection and inclination of the great lady of Islam toward Mohammad(PBUH), was not based on material love and whims; rather, it was based on a deep insight and understanding the unique personality of the Prophet of Islam.  Lacking such an insight, a group of Quraysh women, rebuked Hadrat Khadija (S.A) and said: “With all prudence and magnificence she possesses, Khadija married the poor orphan of Abu Talib. What an absolute  disgrace!”‌ Hadrat Khadija (S.A), whose decision was based on wisdom, remained steadfast and replied: “You women of Quraysh! I have heard your husbands and you rebuking me for marrying Mohammad (PBUH). Let me ask you a question. Is there any man like Mohammad among your men? Can you find a man all over Damascus, Mecca and the suburbs to be of good deed and creed, good-tempered and of great personality like Mohammad? I have married him for these values and I have seen greater things and behaviour from him.”‌

Time passed, Islam was progressing and Hadrat Khadija (S.A) gave birth to children like Hadrat Fatima Zahra (S.A), the mother of infallible imams.

Firm Faith

Islam and firm faith shed the light upon hadrat Khadija’s(S.A) heart, so that she won the title of the first Muslim woman in the history of Islam.

Imam Ali (A.S) testified faith and Islam of Hadrat Khadija (S.A)in this quote: “That day there was no house with Islamic beliefs, except the house of the Prophet and Khadija, and I became the third one. I could see the light of revelation and prophetic mission and feel the smell of prophethood in that house.”‌

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) remained firmly faithful until the last moment of her life. She devoted her life and property to Islam, never leaving the leader of Islam alone.

After marriage,  Khadija gave all her wealth to Mohammad (PBUH) and said: “My house is yours and I am your servant.”

After Hadrat Khadija (S.A)donated her wealth, her uncle Varaghat ibn Nofel went to Kaba, stood  between Zamzam and Ibrahim’s place, addressing the people said: “You Arabs! Know that Khadija calls you to bear witness that she has donated all her wealth including the servants and maidens, properties, livestock, dowries and all her gifts to Mohammad (PBUH) and Mohammad (PBUH) has accepted them all. This donation is because of Khadija’s affection toward Mohammad (PBUH). Today, you stand witness for this.”‌

And the Prophet of Islam spent all her wealth for advancement of Islam and its objectives. On this issue, he said: “No wealth could bring about more benefits than Khadija’s wealth.”

Unparalleled Patience

A person like Khadija, who had grown up in wealth, must have been pampered and infirm, but after her marriage with the Prophet (PBUH) she was prepared to tolerate all hardships. Tolerating pressures by the Quraysh infidels, rebukes by the relatives and economic embargo at She’b Abi Talib bothered her very much, but she manifested great patience. Bent al-Shati said: “Khadija was not young enough to easily tolerate those hardships. She was not a person to experience difficult livelihood in her life, but she managed to tolerate all hardships at the siege to her death.”‌

Supporter of Prophetic Mission and Lover of Imamate

Four women have gained spiritual perfection in this world and they are known as the best ladies of the universe: Asiyah, Mary, Khadija and Fatima. All of them have supported and obeyed leaders and Imams of their time. Asiyah supported leadership and prophetic mission of Moses until her death, Mary tolerated pains and accusations to strengthen pillars of prophetic mission of Jesus Christ, Fatima Zahra supported and defended Imam Ali until her martyrdom. In addition, lady Khadija was among the true supporters of the prophetic mission. She gave all her life and property to Mohammad (PBUH) for his prophetic mission. She too, was a great supporter, lover and companion of prophetic mission and Islamic leadership.

In connection with Imamate of Ali (A.S), the Prophet (PBUH) told Khadija that Ali will be your master, the commander of the faithful, and  people’s divine leader after my death. He then put his hand on Ali’s head and Khadija put her hand on Mohammad’s hand and proved her loyalty to Islamic leadership after the Prophet (PBUH).

Mutual Love and Affection

Khadija’s love and affection to Mohammad was not unilateral. It was bilateral. This reality was mentioned in the marriage ceremony by Abu Talib: “Khadija and Mohammad love each other.”‌

As such Khadija had become interested in Mohammad upon her deep insight, the Prophet (PBUH) too, had found her deserving to be his wife. She was a widow reportedly 15 years older than the Prophet (PBUH), but Mohammad (PBUH) found her more deserving than any other woman, married her and respected her throughout her life.

Translator: Sadroddin Musawi