Imam Hadi courtyard (Atiq) that is located on the north of the holy tomb is the first courtyard built in this sanctuary. The courtyard is surrounded by four fine porches:

  1. A grand porch on the south, which is the same Golden Porch (the entrance of this courtyard opens to the holy tomb).
  2. A porch on the north, which is the entrance of the Madrasah Faydiyah to the courtyard.
  3. A porch on the west, which is the entrance of Masjid-e A’zam to the courtyard.
  4. On the east is the exit porch of the Imam Hadi Courtyard to the Courtyard of Imam Rida (a.s.).

This courtyard and the surrounding porches were built on the year 925 A.H by the order of “Shah Beigi Beigum”, the wife of Shah lsmail. Safavi.