A Marriage Made in Heaven

The marriage of the Prophet’s daughter, Lady Fatima and First Imam of Shia, Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon them) is one of the…
11 July 2021

Imam Muhammad al-Jawad

Imam Muhammad b. Ali al-Jawad (the ninth imam) is the son of Imam al-Rida (the eighth one). His name was Muhammad and he was given…
11 July 2021

The Keys to Success

The Keys to Success (According to Imam al-Jawad):To expect nothing but good from AllahTo have good moral characterTo refrain from backbiting
10 July 2021

Dahw al-Ard

Dahw al-Ard (Arabic: دَحوُ الأرض ) is made up of two words: “dahw” which means extension/spread and “ard” which means land. Some have even interpreted “dahw” to…
5 July 2021

Birth Anniversary of Imam Reda (peace be on him)

Imam Ali b. Musa al-Reda (peace be on him), the eighth Imam of the Twelver Shia, was born on the 11th of Zilqaʿda (the 11th…
22 June 2021

Lady Fatima al-Masooma

13 June 2021

Lady Fatima Masuma of Qum

Writer: Masuma JafferPublished in print: AnsariyanDigital Publisher: Ghaemiyeh center of computerized researches
13 June 2021

The 15 Khordad Uprising

Faizieh’s Bloody School Tragedy In the evening of March 22, 1963, on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (pbuh), a mourning assembly was…
6 June 2021


It has been tried in this article to present a short biography of Imam Khomeini. He was the learned Iranian faqih (expert in Islamic law),…
3 June 2021

Message to the Palestinian Nation

The following is the full text of a letter written by Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on May 21, 2021. The letter…
24 May 2021