Holy Shrine

A`zam mosque

One of the religious and magnificent buildings built under the instructions of Grand Ayatollah Hāj Aghā Husain Tabātabā’ī Burūjerdī (R.I.P.), marja of Shi`a world, is…
15 January 2019

Bālā Sar Mosque

This mosque, which was used as holy shrine’s guest house during Safavid era, is visited by pilgrims. It was reconstructed during Qājār era and was…
15 January 2019

Tabātabā’ī Mosque

The Mosque of Tabataba’i has a dome erected on fifty columns which replaced the old courtyard for women on the south of the holy shrine.…
15 January 2019

Lady Fatima Shrine

12 November 2018