The gathering of heavenly girls with the presence of Australian and Indonesian guests was held in the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Mosoumeh (PBUH).

According to the report of Astan Muqaddas news site of Hazrat Masoumeh, peace be upon her, the gathering of the girls aged 12 to 17 of the holy shrine has hosted guests from other countries.

This international event for girls aged 12 to 17 was held with the presence of an Australian presenter and a special guest from Indonesia.

The guest from Indonesia shared her life experiences with girls, her journey of converting from Sunni faith to Shīʿa faith. She also discuss the importance of Hijab and her experiences of how and why she started to wear hijab.

Heavenly girls gathering is held every week at 14:30 in the Holy Shrine, Sahib al-Zaman (Aj), across from the shoe store #12, Velayat Hall.