The light of Islam shone at a time when the people of Arabia were ​plunged in the darkness of ignorance and superstition​. It was a society in which women didn’t have any value and infact to get a daughter was a source of such shame that fathers used to bury their baby girls alive.​

​​Then came a ​P​rophet of kindness and mercy named Muhammad ​(s.a.w.a)​ who struggled to abolish such wrong and ​abhorrent behavior ​and establish the high value and status that Islam has given to women and girls.​ He was blessed with a daughter by the name of Fatima (s.a) who was preeminent in virtues and was rightfully bestowed with names and titles such as ​al-Siddiqa (the truthful), al-Mubaraka (the blessed), al-Tahira (the pure) and Sayy​i​da​t ​Nisa​’​​ al​-​’​Alam​i​n​ ​(Leader of all women of the universe)​.​ 

And after her, ​many eminent women were born and raised in Islam​. Women who defined history​ and ​became role models for the generations. Women, for each of whom ​words have been spoken ​and books written.​

Today is the birthday of a​nother Fatima – The daughter of the seventh Shiite Imam. ​A heavenly​,​ ​pious and knowledgeable ​lady, immersed in worship and prayer,​ and given the titles of masuma (Infallible /purified of any abomination​), Karimati ahl al-bayt (the generous lady of the ahl al-bayt) and Maryam aal-Rasul  (Mary of the Prophets household)

The birthday of Lady Fatima Masuma (a.s) is a good opportunity for us to reflect on the various dimensions of her great personality, to promote her moral virtues for all the women of the world regardless of religion and nationality and a good reason for naming this great day as ‘Daughter’s Day’.

In the authentic Shiite Narration books, there are entire chapters dedicated to Fatima al-Zahra (s.a) and Fatima Masuma (s.a) as well as narrations about the status of girls and daughters. For example, in the virtuous al-Kafi, there is a chapter titled ‘Fadhl al-banat’ (merits of women). In the honourable Wasael al-Shia is a chapter titled ‘Istihbab talab al banaat wa ikramihinna’ (desirability of praying for daughters and honoring them).

There are also various narrations which prohibit any form of oppression against women. All this shows the high status, rights and importance that Islam has given to women.

Today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers. If they are well trained, they will be able to impart a good upbringing to their children and in turn create a good society. Our girls need to see through the lies which the women of the world have been subject to. In the name of womens liberation, the world has been clamouring and working tirelessly to ‘free’ women from their God given role of motherhood and nurturing a family and infact make it look like a worthless thing whilst promoting nudity and vulgarity to be something desirable and attractive so that they can be used to advertise their products, satisfy their lusts and so on. The results of this are painfully clear in the world today with broken families, traumatised children and more. 

However, those who have taken Lady Fatima (s.a) and Lady Ma’suma (s.a) as their role models know that a woman is a manifestation of Gods beauty and glory, the symbol of modesty and chastity and the source of goodness and blessing. And they want to – despite all the propanganda- reach high levels of knowledge and ethics and sincerely fulfil their role of being loving mothers, peaceful wives and compassionate teachers.

A daughter is a special Gift of God. Therefore, be grateful and take good care of this great blessing.

Author:Safura Taraqqi

Translator: S.Husseini