In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Ever Merciful

I Bear Witness to the Principles of Islam

I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad (peace be on him and his progeny) is His messenger and that Amirul Mu’mineen Ali b. Abi Talib and his infallible children (peace be on them) are our twelve Imams and proofs of God.

I bear witness also that the Day of Judgment is true, the Quran is true, Heaven and Hell are true, the questioning in the grave is true, and the Hereafter, justice, Imamate, and Prophethood is true.

O God! I Thank You for Your Blessings!

O God! thank you for transferring me from loin to loin, century to century, generation to generation and permitted me to manifest existence at a time when I could perceive one of your closest friends who is a companion and friend to the Infallibles (peace be on them), your pious servant, the great Khomeini and become a soldier to him. Even though I was not blessed with the grace of being a companion to your great Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa (peace be on him and his progeny) and was deprived of the period when Ali b. Abi Talib and his infallible children were oppressed, you placed me on the same path for which they gave their lives, lives which were the life of the world and creation.

O God! I am thankful to you for placing me in the path of another pious servant after your righteous servant, the beloved Khomeini, the path of a man whose oppression is greater even than his righteousness, a man who is the sage of Islam, the Shia, Iran, and Islam’s political world today, the beloved Khamenei – may my life be sacrificed for him.

O God! thank you for joining me with the best of your servants and for bestowing me with the experience of being able to kiss their heavenly cheeks and smelling their divine scent, i.e. the fighters and martyrs in this path.

O God! O the Almighty Beloved and O the Merciful Sustainer, I prostrate to you in thankfulness and humbleness for placing me on the path of the pure Lady Fatima and her children (peace be on them) as a Shia – the true branch of Islam – and bestowed me with the blessing of being able to cry over the children of Ali b. Abi Talib and Lady Fatima (peace be on them); what a great blessing and one which is from among the most valuable and highest of your blessings, a blessing in which there is light, spirituality, restlessness which possesses within it the greatest tranquility, a pain that holds within it peace and spirituality.

O God! I thank you for bestowing me with parents who were poor but religious and lovers of the Ahlulbayt and always on the path of purity. I humbly ask you to place them in Heaven and besides your special servants and to bless me with their presence in the Hereafter.

O God! I Have Hope in Your Pardon

My dear God and the incomparable Wise Creator! My hands and my travel bag are empty. I have come without any provisions in hopes of your banquet of pardon and beneficence. I have brought no provisions because what need does a destitute person have of provisions near one who is karīm (a being or person who is so generous that he not only bestows greatly but before the other person even asks)?

My shoes are filled with hope in You and your grace and generosity. I have brought with me two closed eyes whose wealth – besides all the impurities – has a valuable treasure and that is the gem of tears on Fatima’s son Hussain (peace be on them); the gem of tears on the Ahlulbayt; the gem of tears in defending those who are oppressed and orphans and defending the oppressed who are trapped in the hands of the oppressors… .

It was an excerpts from General Soleimani’s will.

Translator: Rashed