According to the news channel of the Holy Shrine, a religious assembly of sermon recitation to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of the father of Lady Masuma, Imam Musa Kazim, was facilitated by the servants of the Shrine in the Imam Riza courtyard while observing health protocols.

This ceremony was attended by Ayatullah Seyed Muhammad Saeedi, the custodian of the Shrine’ and a speech was delivered along with recitation of eulogies.

The sermon recitation assemblies are held every morning by the servants prior to start of their work and on special occasions (such as the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa Kazim peace be upon him) a specific sermon recitation assembly is organized with the presence of nearly all the servants of the Shrine. The sermon is a text which includes the praise and thanksgiving of Allah, expression of devotion to the Holy Prophet peace be upon him of Islam, his pure family and Lady Masuma, peace be upon them, asking help from God in order to start a successful working day in serving the visitors of this heavenly lady.

It is necessary to mention that every year mourning processions were held by the servants of the Shrine to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Kazim peace be upon him however this year due to the corona virus outbreak and to avoid large gatherings, this procession was not held.