Muslims around the world commemorate World Quds Day every year, but the question is why the event has become so significant and it is increasingly getting important every year. World Quds Day has become a symbol of unity and cohesion of Muslim nations on the Palestinian issue and The Holy Quds has become the first issue in the Muslim world. Every year on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims rise to support and defend the Palestinians’ right to get their occupied country back.
On this day, Muslims from different countries of the world hold ceremonies and marches, emphasizing the authenticity, identity and right of the Palestinian people to rule over the land of Quds and the right to self-determination and their future, and the necessity of returning Palestinian refugees to their homeland.

The crimes committed by the Zionist leaders and their racist actions in dealing with the Muslim nations of the region, especially the Palestinian nation, are not covered by anyone, and in the meantime, the naming of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as World Quds Day itself is a manifestation of the Unity of Muslims to condemn these crimes and denounce the racist and anti-human nature of the Zionists, and reveals the Zionists’ successive plans against the Palestinian issue and interests of the Muslim world.

It is in the shadow of these supports on World Quds Day, that we have seen every year, the increasing strength and foundation of resistance in the region, particularly the Palestinian resistance, which is evidence of a strong missile deterrence of resistance against the Zionist regime. This power and deterrence have further revealed the fragile and covertness of this regime and increased the struggle of the nations of the region.

Every year, solidarity with the Palestinian issue and the Noble Quds have strengthened the fighting spirit of the Palestinian people, especially the people of Quds, against the Zionist aggressions and the plots against al-Aqsa Mosque, which manifestations are visible in the current popular resistance in the west bank.

Every year, World Quds Day has strengthened the spirit of self-confidence among Muslims and freedom-seekers around the world to pursue the ideals of libertarianism, independence and liberation, and to confront the enemies’ plans and plots with conviction.

This year’s World Quds Day is no exception, and in the light of the global and regional developments of the last year, holding this year’s special marches and rituals around the world explains the policy of the Islamic world and the axis of resistance and reveals more than ever the plans of the enemies and the extent of the wrath of some Arab regimes that turned their backs on the aspirations of their nations and Muslim nations and openly compromised the way to the main enemy of the Islamic Ummah. they’re ahead.
This year’s World Quds Day is the day of the innocence of Muslim nations from compromisers and re-treaty with the issue of Palestine and Holy Quds and resistance, and this has made this year’s ceremony more important than ever.