Fatima Zahra is indeed the most glacious lady that the world has known and seen so far… .

Imam Baqir has been reported to say:

“This is the pure tree of our prophet: and its trunk is represented by Ali, while its roots are represented by Fatima and its fruits are formed by Fatima’s progeny; finally its leaves and blossoms are none others than the pious shiites of lady Fatima Zahra… “.

After prophet Muhammad accomplished his important mission which was announced by Archangel Gabrial in Qadir, the future of the Muslim community depended solely upon people’s allegiance to Ali as the sole Imam (divine leader)of the Muslims, but when the prophet Mohammad was spending his last minutes of life in this world, asked for something to write his last will on, a few unfaithful men told: “We should not listen to what he has to say…”. Therefore, the messenger of Allah asked everyone to leave him alone; he declared his last will to Ali, Fatima, Hassan, & Hussain revealing this fact that the Ali’s rightful position as (Islamic leadership(Caliphate))will be taken by force by some other men and said to Ali, “The best thing for you do is to wait patiently… “.

Since after the tragic news of prophet’s death reached the people of Medina, and while Ali and prophet’s family were busy with prophet’s funeral, some unfaithful men found it best possible time to begin their conspiracy by organizing a meeting called “Saghifah Bani Saidah” in order to choose their own caliph and announce his name publicly. After the funeral ended, unfortunately some people came and said to Fatima, “we would rather have given our allegiance to your dignified husband than to anyone else ,but this man(Abubakr) came first, in order to ask for our allegiance…” Fatima Zahra answered: “What you mean is that my husband should have left the body of the messenger of God on the ground and should have come hastily to you asking for your allegiance”???!!!

After a while someone by the name of Ghanfaz, along with his wicked violent men came in front of Ali’s house to take him by force to the mosque so that he may swear allegiance to the new caliphe. Ghanfaz and his men made a big fire and burnt the entrance door of Ali and Fatima’s house. The enemy entered the house. Due to defending Ali’s right, the imam (divine leader) of her time and as a result of the wounds she had received from the enemeis; Fatima Zahra became weak and seriously ill.

Fatima Zahra, on the last day of her short life made her last will to Ali and her eyes closed to this mortal world while she was angry with people who oppressed Ali and her rights and those who destroyed the Truth!

The exact place of lady Fatima Zahra is unknown, for she had asked Ali to hide it as a proof of her anger against the people who bothered her. Also, other Imams and those who participated in her funeral never revealed the place of her grave.

“Allah almighty has announced that whoever provokes Fatima’s displeasure, Allah himself shall be displeased with that person and whoever rejoices her shall indeed rejoices Allah”.

Seyed Ali Farid Mohammadi, Embraced by the Light of Velayat.