After wicker canopy placed by Mūsā ibn Khazraj over Hadrat’s grave, the first dome constructed over the grave of Lady Fatima Masuma PBUH was a dome-shaped tower made of materials of brick, stone and stucco constructed by the order of Lady Zaynab, daughter of Imam al-Jawad (PBUH), in the mid-third century, A.H.

After the passing of some time and burial of some of Alawite ladies beside Lady Fatima Masuma PBUH two other domes were built close to the first dome.

These three domes remained till the year 447 A.H, when in the same year Mīr Abū al-Fadl al-`Īrāqī (the vizier of Tughrul the Great) at the urging of the late Shaykh Tūsī (R.I.P.) built one high dome, decorated with colorful bricks and tiles with no porch or rooms, in place of the three domes that covered the graves of the great ladies.

In the year 925 A.H the dome was reconstructed by the order of “Shah Beigi Beigum”, the wife of Shāh Ismā`īl Safavi, and the exterior surface of the dome was embellished with mosaic tiles, a gold porch with two minarets were built on the old courtyard, as well.

In 1281 A.H, coincided with the reign of Fat’h-Ali Shāh Qājār, the dome was decorated with gold-covered bricks that remained until 1379 S.H [2000 CE].

In 2001 due to the inappropriate appearance of the dome, and in order to prevent more damage, by the order of the custodians of the holy shrine at that time, the dome was renovated and retrofitted; the previous gold bricks were removed; and using the latest scientific and technical expertise, new bricks were installed. This extensive project was completed in 2005 with a cost of 15 billion Rials.