The Australian ambassador to Iran , Ms. Lyndall Sachs, and her deputy, Dennis Carney, visited the Holy shrine of Lady Fatima Masuma (a.s), today, to get acquainted with the different places and parts of the shrine, as well as the character of this honorable Lady. At the end of the visiting, which was hosted by the experts from Holy Shrine International Affairs, a volume of the Holy Quran in English was presented to her in an exquisite frame. Expressing her happiness in receiving this valuable gift in this holy place, she acknowledged that this is the first Qur’an that has been given to her yet.

 It should be noted that the Astan of Lady Masuma, (a.s), with the focus on the administration of international affairs, specially hosts foreign personalities and officials, in order to acquaint them with the characteristics of Islam, Shiite religion,  holy places and shrines especially the shrine of the Lady Fatima Masuma and her characteristics.