The marriage of the Prophet’s daughter, Lady Fatima and First Imam of Shia, Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon them) is one of the most important events in Islam. The marriage took place for the establishment of a family, by which a fundamental and essential part of Islam’s history was created, and by which the pure successors of the Prophet would all come into existence. Also, examples of Islamic values became clear in Lady Fatima’s marriage.

The extraordinary virtues of Lady Fatima (peace be upon her) on one hand, her blood relations with the Prophet on the other hand, and the nobility of her family furthermore, caused many of the high-ranking supporters of the Prophet to propose to her; but all heard negative answers. Each time, the Prophet would usually answer them, saying: “Her matter is in the hands of her Lord.”
The people were speaking of these very things when suddenly it was heard everywhere that the Prophet wished to give his only daughter to Ali ibn Abi Talib in marriage. Imam Ali did not have access to wealth and possessions rather, instead he was from head to toe full of faith and real Islamic values.

Indeed, this blessed historical marriage was a heavenly revelation, because the Prophet himself said: “An angel of God came to me and told me that God sends you greetings and says: ‘I have made Fatima the wife of Ali ibn Abi Talib in the highest heavens already, so you should also marry her to him on earth.’” (Dhakair al-Abqa)

When Imam Ali went to the Prophet with his marriage proposal for Lady Fatima, his face was red with shyness. When the Prophet saw him, he became cheerful and smiled, asking him why he had come. But Imam Ali, because of the imposing presence of the Prophet, could not put forth his wish and, as such, remained silent. Aware of Imam Ali’s intentions, the Prophet said: “Maybe you have come for marriage proposal of Fatima?” He replied: “Yes, I have come for that very purpose.” The Prophet said: “Ali, before you, other men had come for proposal of Fatima. Whenever I informed Fatima of this matter, she would not show her approval. Right now, let me inform her of this conversation.”

It is true that the marriage was heavenly and must take place. But especially because of the high status of Lady Fatima, and to demonstrate the respect and freedom of women in choosing their husbands, it was necessary that the Prophet of Islam should not go ahead in this matter without the consent of Lady Fatima.

When the Prophet described the virtues of Imam Ali for his daughter, he said: “I wish to make you the wife of the best of God’s creation. What is your opinion?” Lady Fatima, who was submerged in shyness and modesty, lowered her head saying nothing and denying nothing. The Prophet raised his head and spoke this historical sentence, “God is the Greatest! Her silence is the proof of her agreement.” Following these events, the marriage contract was concluded.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “In the event that Ali would not have been created, there would have been no one worthy to be Fatima’s spouse.”