Ziyārat of Lady Fatima Zahra

Shia Muslims are celebrating the birth anniversary of lady Fatima Zahra (s.a) which is on the 20th of Jumada II, as Woman and Mother’s Day in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Lady Fatima, commonly known as Fatima Zahra, is the beloved daughter of Muhammad, the Messenger of God (pbuh) and Lady Khadija (s.a), and the wife of Imam Ali (a.s). The second and third Imams (Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain), as well as Lady Zaynab (s.a), are her children. Al-Zahra’ (the shining one), al-Batul (chaste and pure lady), Sayyidat Nisa’ al-‘Alamin (the greatest woman of the worlds of all times) and Umm Abiha (the mother of her father) are of her epithets. She has been the only lady chosen by the Prophet (pbuh) to be part of the Mubahala with the Christians of Najran.

The Lady of the Worlds

Muhammad, the Messenger of God, emphasized the exalted spiritual station of Lady Fatima on numerous occasions. In one of the most evident indications of Lady Fatima’s immaculate nature, Prophet Muhammad stated,
“Oh Fatima! Indeed God is angered for your anger, and is pleased for your pleasure.”
The Prophet’s infallible words describe Lady Fatima’s anger and pleasure as indicators of God’s anger and pleasure.
In light of this pure quality, Prophet Muhammad also said,
“Oh Fatima, aren’t you pleased to be the Lady of the Worlds, the Lady of this Nation, and the Lady of the Faithful…?”
Lady Fatima is also known by another beautiful name: Zahra. This name refers to the blooming glow of Lady Fatima’s countenance. Her sincerity and devotion to God was manifest for all to see.

Glimpses of the Pearl

The magnificence of Lady Fatima Zahra cannot be encompassed by the stories of her generosity and character alone. But mentioning some of these accounts may help us gain insight into her gracious nature. The Prophet (pbuh), who knows the realities of this world and the next better than anyone else, while addressing Asma bint ‘Umays, said, “Asma! Surely Fatima is an angel who has been created in the mould of a human being.” A great number of narrations with similar content have been narrated from the Prophet where he says, “Fatima is a part of me; whoever hurts her has hurt me, and whoever pleases her has pleased me.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said, “Fatima is the joy and happiness of my heart. Her sons are the fruits of my heart, her husband is the light of my eyes, and the Imams from the progeny of her son are the trustees of my God and the rope that connects God and His creatures. Whoever holds on to them will be saved and whoever goes against them has gone astray.” All women and men should follow footsteps of lady Fatima Zahra (s.a) in order to obtain spiritual prosperity in this world and salvation in the hereafter.