The anniversary of the Islamic Revolution is celebrated on 22 Bahman, which is the 11th month in the Iranian calendar, equivalent to 11 February in the Gregorian calendar. It commemorates the protests that led to the downfall of the Pahlavi dynasty and the installation of the Islamic Revolutionary headed by Ayatollah Khomeini. This political celebration held on the last day of the celebration called the Ten Days of fajr.

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution:

The enemy sees this movement, but he denies it in his propaganda. In his propaganda, he says that only “thousands” of the people came to the streets. They do not say that millions of people – overall, tens of millions of individuals – poured onto the streets. They do not mention this, but they understand it well enough.

The enemy understands this and the whole world knows that a country whose people are in the middle of the arena in such a united way will come to no harm from the enemy’s plots and tricks. Everyone knows this. Your presence at the political and revolutionary scene of the country and the commemoration of the 22nd of Bahman of the year 1357 throughout the country was an important political and security move which was made by the Iranian nation.

One should thank God because our hearts are in His hands: “Legs have moved on Your path and heads have turned towards You.” Our hands are stretched towards God and hearts are in His hands. It was God Who brought the people to the arena and therefore, we should be thankful to Him. We thank our dear people from the bottom of our hearts as well.

The people chanted the same slogans: the slogan of “Death to America.” As I said the other day, this does not mean the American nation. On the 19th of Bahman, I said who this slogan refers to. Now, I would like to say that “Death to America” means death to imperialism, to aggression and to transgression against the rights of nations. This is what it means.

Feb 18, 2019