A mourning ceremony was held for Imam Husain (peace be on him)’s daughter, Lady Ruqayya in the Shrine of Lady Fatima Masuma (peace be on them) on the occasion of her martyrdom.

Ruqayya was about three or four years old and was present in the event of Karbala; she was taken along with the caravan of the prisoners of Karbala to Damascus. In the prison of Damascus, one night she dreamed of her father and upon awakening from her dream, she cried greatly and was inconsolable, asking for her father. She was very distressed and the other children and women also started crying; the sound of their cries rose and were heard by the caliph. The accursed caliph, Yazid, ordered her father’s severed head to be taken to her. In obedience to his command, his soldiers brought the head a placed it beside the four years old child. Seeing this, her anguish grew and due to this very grief she passed away.