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The Great Timcheh Bazaar of Qum

In Iran, Bazaars have a long history and a strong notion.Bazaars were composed of several parts, for example, Carvansara, Teemche, Stores, Saraa, …Qom’s Bazaar is…
12 November 2019

Introduction to museum of holy shrine

The museum of the holy shrine of Qum is one of the rare treasures of this Land. Prior to the establishment of the museum the…
12 November 2019

Turkish Shiite Girls in Istanbul on the Birth Anniversary of Lady Fatima Masuma (s.a)

Beautiful performance of a song about lady Fatima Masuma by Turkish Shiite girls in Istanbul on the birth anniversary of lady Fatima Masuma
11 July 2019

The Second Meeting of Spiritual Tourism

معنوی ٹوریسم کا دوسرا اجلاس قم المقدسہ میں منعقد ہوا جس میں معروف علماء دين نے شرکت کیا۔
25 February 2019

Metropolitan Feofan visited holy shrine

Kazan and Tatarstan Metropolitan Feofan visited holy shrine of Lady Fatima Masumah in Qom
14 February 2019

The second and third night of mourning for the daughter of Prophet

The second and third night of mourning for Fatima, daughter of Prophet in the Fatima Masouma Holy Shrine at Qom was held
10 February 2019